A Little Bit of Gold

Black Scale - Ram bracelet
Black Scale - Flag Wallet

The dark side of fashion has been intrigued the public for a good part of 2012. As a result, a style termed by the media as “street goth” has emerged and become the biggest trend we have seen in some time.

The street goth trend is characterized by an ironically undying love for black and minimalism with athletic pieces mixed in with premium materials like leather. Some even relate the style to a blend of late 80s and early 90s hip-hop and grunge. But you can’t forget that gold if you want to get that true A$AP Rocky/Kanye West look.

It’s always the small touches that really allow you to stand out and have a unique outfit. And nobody has the Details down better than us.

Come by our shops (Buena Park, Alhambra, San Diego) or shop Online and get your street goth look perfected. It’s going to be the trend of 2013. All the blogs are talking about it…

Photo: Al Bee