New Kids on the Block

About 2 months ago, my Boss (Nickels) hired a new team of interns to generate fresh ideas and bring new energy to the office. Luckily for me, that meant I would no longer be locked up alone upstairs with the Boss Man. In case you didn’t know, the interns work upstairs at the Attic flagship in Buena Park.

Individually, us interns are all different and unique in our own way but it definitely makes a day at the office much more lively. Fortunately, we vibe really well while we each bring something different to the table. It also turns out we all know each other in some way or another and it’s a crazy realization to know what a small world we live in.

To get to know each other and our boss a little better, we had a plan of action to have an intern outing: spend a day at the bowling alley, chill on a couple pitchers of beer, then go out for dinner. BUT THEN, we got a little hungry… and lazy… and kind of forgot the original plan. So instead, we walked across the street to Claim Jumper, to cater to our munchies and get on another level over some drinks.

– Michelle