Spring Cleaning Tips For Sneakerheads

Ready to take care of your sneakerhead Spring Cleaning? It’s not too late to start and we’re here to help you break down Spring Cleaning in 3 easy steps! Let’s get it done!

Step 1 – Clean Those Kicks

Those sneakers you’ve been wearing all the time are beat. But never fear. The Jason Markk – Premium Shoe Cleaning Kit 4 oz. ($15) is a cheap but super effective miracle solution that works on nearly EVERY material imaginable.

Step 2 – Freshen Up

Spring Cleaning means it’s time to clear the air and freshen up. Stay fresh with one of these Shoepreme Air Freshners to throw into your shoe closet that filled with smelly shoes. It’s much more “sneakerhead” than Febreeze.


Step 3 – Put a Sock On It

Since we’re on the topic of stinky feet you might as well get some new Nike and Jordan socks. Here are some we found at our shops:

Photo: Mico Correa